Parkdale Street Writers Invent Hilarious Songs!

One of our multi-talented participants, Ziadh Rabbani, ran the most incredible songwriting workshop this evening (December 16, 2009). The results of our labour were so hilarious and awesome that I have to post them here! Check them out and join our group, every Tuesday evening at 5 pm.

Band: The Villains
Addi, Zeyneb, Marlene, Anna, Meghan, Muffin
>>> Play "Evil" <<<
The Villains!
Band: Betty and the Turnips
Marlon, Jessica, Alyssa, Riadh
>>> Play "Cannibal" <<<
Betty and the Turnips!
Band: Jeff and the Puppets
Jeff, Dizia, Max, Sarah
>>> Play "Til Death Do Us Party" <<<
Jeff and the Puppets!