We're Famous!

Check out the Global TV news segment on us, in a segment called Making a Difference: "How local authors and artists are helping young writers in Parkdale get a chance to find their voice and share their experiences. Susan Hay reports."

It features PSWers Addi Stewart, Dizia Raposo-Ferreira, Muffin-M'randa Rachael-Star Jones, Jeff Vallejo, Ben Cope, Michael Healy and Lily Tung (with special guest author Kristyn Dunnion)!

Between Insanity and BrillianceThe Toronto Sun recently ran a fantastic article about our group: Why funding the arts doesn’t just cater to the black tie set:

"Too many people think the arts are the exclusive domain of people who attend black tie galas or high-priced theatre openings. But the arts are accessible — and they make a difference on the ground. Parkdale Street Writers, an arts group, is doing just that. Making a difference."


Writers work on everything from short stories and poetry, to graphic novels, hip-hop lyrics and screenplays. The positive benefits for the young writers are impressive, says Pohl-Weary. “The main change I see in them is the building up of their confidence. They gain the ability to speak their minds. It’s as much about communication and speaking your thoughts, your feelings and, in some cases, you trauma. People come out of their shells.”

Also, Shameless Magazine ran this lovely profile of Parkdale Street Writer Marlene Leung on their blog:

Shameless: What is the most important thing we can do in order to change the world?
Marlene: Love each other and love the planet. (Sorry that’s two things).