Articles about our Street Writers and Book Artists!

Screencap from a gameA few articles about our writing and art programs have been published in local media...

Shameless magazine's blog:

"An awesome writing workshop full of cool, creative youth."

Quill and Quire magazine, by Stuart Woods:

"They say you should always “write what you know,” and what author Emily Pohl-Weary knows best is Parkdale, the gritty downtown Toronto neighbourhood where she was born and raised."

The National Post, by Andrew Chin:

"You get the opportunity to say whatever you want," says Jennifer Fraser, 18. "Things that you will never say to other people - you just write it down and it's good."

Parkdale Liberty, by Erin Hatfield:

"Fascinating writing doesn't come in the form of a forced story about what you did over the summer months (...) Writing a five paragraph essay on 'X' topic is not the way to inspire young people to love reading or writing."